Experience the thrill of the Barber, Hair and Nail Competition! Unleash your talent and compete for a chance to win exciting cash prizes. The Island Spa Conference invites participants from across the globe to showcase their skills and gain invaluable experience. Join forces with the industry's rising stars and seasoned professionals to take your craft to new heights. Don't miss this golden opportunity to claim top honors and secure your place among the best in the business!

OVER $1,000,000JMD in PRIZES

How Good Are you?

Fantasy Nails - Jamaica 60th

 This is the theme of the competition. How strong are your skills?  

October 15th

Show your Skills

Mother Earth

Create a tribute to mother earth with your hair design. Show off to the world your creativity.

October 15th

Can you battle?

A Tribute to Our Heroes

Can you? Pay tribute in your work to Jamaica. Showcase your skills and love for country.

October 16th